THE HAPPY ORGAN OF STEVEN EAKLOR at the recent CTOS Concert hosted at Allen Organs Chicago

Steven Eaklor and Scott May present the debut of the new CD…

In 1959, the day before the organ at the New York Paramount Theatre was removed and the theatre demolished, Bob Wyatt made a recording of this historic instrument. At that time, the organ needed lots of attention and many repairs, so the recording, which was made in one take, wasn’t exactly the best production ever presented. This recording always was a favorite of Steve Eaklor’s and he always wanted to recreate it on an instrument that was tonally complete – the Allen TO-5Q was his instrument of choice – and using the latest technical recording equipment and his amazing arranging and performance genius, this new CD is the result. This debut concert provided the attending theatre organ and jazz audience a taste of the unique music that Bob Wyatt originally envisioned back in 1959 presented in today’s style.

Contact Allen Organs Chicago for more info:



Twitter: @allen_organs

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Main Showroom

181 W. Crossroads Parkway, Suite D

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: (630)428-9701


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