The Joliet chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) presented a very intriguing   learning conference at the ALLEN Organs of Chicago Showroom on February 23, 2020. The NPM is an organization devoting itself to those who support the value of musical liturgy including choir directors, organists, guitarists, pianists, priests, cantors and pastoral liturgists. The workshop featured Dr. Peter Kurdziel, Musical Director at the Basilica of St. Adalbert & St. James Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to presenting keyboard concepts and techniques for all skill levels, the large afternoon audience was given wonderful insight into what appropriately inspires and leads congregations or groups of various sizes. The examples were performed on the Allen three manual G350 and a very informative experience was had by all. A thank you goes out to all those attending, the NPM Joliet Chapter and Dr. Kurdziel.


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